Lardini Spring/Summer Collection 2016

Lardini 2016 Spring-Summer Collection view all tradition by Lardini’s family that follow the beauty and perfection in their work since 1978.

Lardini - 3-roll-2 houndstooth blazer
Lardini – 3-roll-2 houndstooth blazer

This is the season with iconic wear such as versatile shirt blazer, cross –sweatshirt and t shirt with exclusive prints. Lardini has a spin-off collection, Gabriele Pasini and the innovation of this season is a light reversible dust coat, so lardini classic style and a beachwear collection with pois and stripes fantasy swimshort.

Gabriele Pasini - Azure and white houndstooth blazer
Gabriele Pasini – Azure and white houndstooth blazer

Lardini Group, specialised in men’s clothing and recently in women’s fashion too,  is recognized as the epitome of made in Italy Excellence.

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