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Chromotherapy - colours, look and fashion - STYLE TIPS

Chromotherapy – colours, look and fashion

Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the colors to therapeutic purpose.

To be yourself is important: when we decide what “to wear in the morning” we often wear as we feel. A color rather than another can give the right condition to tackle the day or to release the emotions.

Chromotherapy - kitagi collection - madeinitaly
Chromotherapy – kitagi collection – madeinitaly

A bright color rather than another more dark color could change our perspective. Before going to shopping let’s stop us to think a moment and we observe the colors:

red is symbol of energy and strength

orange is the color that reestablishes the equilibrium of the strengths in excess

yellow is the color that gives energy to whom doesn’t have of it

blue it is the colour of quiet

green is the colour of the nature and relax

purple is the purity and the elegance

black and white are classic colours for excellence: black is the colors to attract attention and the right choose every moment because symbol of fashion, white so, is color of youth and purity

Chromotherapy collection SS 2016 by #mood54.






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